Trust me; it’s Easy to be romantic about Sports ….

How can u not get romantic about baseball? – Billy Beane

Have you watched Money ball before? For you who have watched it, you might know that quote by Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt).I just love that sentence, it’s contradictive!!! Sports is a wild game – how can it be romantic?

What is the relation between baseball and romanticism? Or overall what is the relation between sports and romanticism?!

For me, when I talked about sports, my mind is directly goes to football; I am in love with football since I was in Elementary school. I remember the first tears came out from my eyes when I saw Roberto Baggio in World Cup Final 1994 – he took Italy’s last penalty in the resulting shoot-out, but his kick went over the cross-bar and the Brazilians won the title! Little me didn’t know what exactly happen (I was only 10 years old then) – what I know, audiences in TV cried & Mr. Baggio cried, and I also cried – without knowing why?! After that I realized that’s the beauty of football, one goal can make you jump and screaming out load, and one goal can make you cry, isn’t it romantic? With one match, you can feel mix emotion in short period of time?

Back to highlighted topic above: what is the relation between sports and romanticism?!

I Remember when we were watching Final of Champion League 2005 ( Liverpool vs AC Milan), we call it Miracle of Istanbul  ,as a Liverpudlian, i was feel quite worry because AC Milan has lead 3-0 with Maldini and Crespo goal. I am quite hopeless , but during the second half, in a stunning comeback, Liverpool scored three goals in six minutes to level the scores at 3–3, the goals coming fromof Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and of course my XABI ALONSO !! The scores remained the same during extra time, and a penalty shootout was required to decide the champions. The score was 3–2 to Liverpool. Therefore Liverpool had won their fifth European Cup, were awarded the trophy permanently and claimed the UEFA Badge of Honor in the process. Widely regarded as one of the greatest finals in the competition’s history!

And then my boyfriend told me “Rinds, that’s why I love sports – we never know what’s going to happen in the end!” Sports are just like life –it has rules, it has drama. I personally feel that  It’s also unpredictable, ever-changing and must have blood, sweat and tears in it to progress – and of course it will trigger mix emotion for people who is involved – that’s why I agree that sports is partially romantic because it marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized.

For athletes – their skill must be excel, they have to be fearless, confident but most importantly one, They must not only in love with it, but LOVE IT ! Thats why , you will see bunch of  big American football athletes cried out load when they’re holding the Super Bowl cup…

For the audience – It’s amazing how people in one café who are watching football match together can shake hands, holding hands without even knowing each other only to celebrate the winning of their team or do you remember when Indonesia won Thomas Cup in 2002? It was amazing; all Indonesian people celebrate it with their own way

If you say that Romanticism = Love? Desire?

I believe everybody has their own answer I only think in some way, we’re all romantic about something, and  Its easy for me to feel romantic about sports hahahah 😛


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