Two Broke Girls – A Story about a spoiled rich girl and the sassy poor girl

Do you remember Michael Patrick King?  – He is one of the writers from Sex and The City. He is back with the new sitcom call TWO BROKE GIRLS. My friend, @Kattleya told me that I should watch this series , its recommended and the jokes is fresh not like New Girl hahahahahah (me and her really hate this series), she helped me by give me some copies of the series.

I saw the pilot first and I saw Kat Dennings – well, I really like her since she act in Nick & Norah Infinite Playlist (I am going to write about this movie very soon hehehe). Dennings plays Max – a young, cash-strapped waitress at a Brooklyn crappy diner who is really abrasive, usually says racism jokes and show a very negative point a view about life. Max’s life is changing when she meets Caroline –a destitute, homeless Manhattan socialite, after her family’s fortune is left for dead by dad’s Ponzi scheme and his subsequent arrest.

These 2 girls relationship is like a chucky doll and Barbie doll! Completely different, in terms of character, point of view even appearance. An “Odd Couple”-like friendship ensues, and the two become roomies in Max’s dumpy apartment, where Caroline observes that the yard looks like “a nice really nice place to relax and do crack. “It is,” Max says.

But somehow they find friendship, and they share a dream to set up a cupcake business. Caroline taught Max how to be positive and how to have a dream even Max says: “I am too poor to have a dream” hahahaha…. And Max taught Caroline to struggle and survive as a poor people.

I know that there are lots of sex jokes, sometimes cheesy, sometimes raunchy but most of the times enjoyable hahahah. I also agree with the critics there are a lot of jokes that related with race but its natural – and it’s the same like other sitcom (I think race thing is already written down in 101 American Sitcom Series) hahaha…. What I like about this show is the chemistry between Dennings and Behrs (who play Caroline). The performances by the two lead actresses are instantly winning, both individually and as they play off each other. And the supporting actor also super funny especially Han – The diner owner (who is try to be a true American) and Earl –the casher who is also a jazz musician hahaha..

Don’t compare this series with The Office, Big Bang Theory or Arrested Development, its really different! I think Whitney Cummings (the creator) is intend to create a show with these kind of jokes, cause the plot of the story – is about poor and marginal people who is too poor to think about what is a good joke ?!

But somehow, I do love the cheesy jokes in this series – it’s easy to be understand, its reliable and connected with the audiences, this is my favorite dialog (it super funny hahahaahah ) :

Han: Look, two parties of cool hipsters are sitting at tables near wall. [Referring to a group of four hipsters sitting next to two homeless men]
Max: You think those are six hipsters? Okay, let’s go over this one more time. Hipster or homeless pop quiz, ready?
Han: Ready.
Max: Hipsters wear?
Han: Skinny jeans.
Max: Homeless wear?
Han: Dirty jeans.
Max: Hipsters listen to?
Han: Radiohead
Max: Homeless listen to?
Han: The voices in their head.
Max: Hipsters have?
Han: Beard and a blog.
Max: Homeless have?
Han: Beard and so much sadness. I see sadness, there and there.
Max: I’ll handle this. [Walks toward the group of hipsters] I told you before, I don’t want your kind in here. Take a trendy hike. Better step it up. The Apple Store closes at ten.
Han: Max, why did you kick out the hipsters?
Max: ‘Cause I could not be in the background of another Instagram  photo.


So guys, if you are tired to figure out who is Ted’s kids’ mother? or tired to think to understand what exactly Sheldon Cooper is saying  hahahahah… try to watch this  Chucky and Barbie story to reach their dream, you will find it enjoyable !








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