When we were Young …

April 16 2012, is supposed to be mybeloved Daddy’s Birthday, and I found out some my childhood old pictures hahahahah…


Me and My Daddy !

I was so cute and innocent back then, what I miss of course my Daddy and I miss my childhood, then I listen to Lucy Schwartz song, when we were young – actually this song is soundtrack from TV Series Parenthood! I love this song a lot ( I am a big fan of Lucy Schwartz)

This song help me to reminiscing my childhood, based on The Secret book – we should picturing one condition that bring us happiness and joy and use that picture to energize our self during the hard times! I should say that childhood is the best moment which helps me to bring all the happiness state easily.

Do you remember when you were young; our life is quite simple after all.

Me and My Mom

When we were happy- we laugh, we smile; when we were sad- we cry and sometimes scream out loud. We were fearless to express our feeling and never second guessing our self – for instance we were not afraid to say what’s we want and what’s a dream.

Just read these lyrics from Lucy Schwartz and try to embrace you happiness when you were a child, bring those happy moments in your future, we still can be happy and fearless like before , all we have to do is embrace ! For me, i don’t wanna remember how hard to lose my daddy when i was only 11  years old – all only want to remember how great he is , and how thankful i am to have 11 years of beautiful experiences and memories with him 🙂

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG – Lucy Schwartz :

When we were young, We were small but we didn’t know it

When you were hurt , You would smile so you didn’t show it

And I can’t believe you’re mine , Can’t believe you’re mine

When we were young , We were brave, we were wild warriors

And you liked to race , So we’d run to the distant shores

And I can’t believe you’re mine , Can’t believe you’re mine

When the night came we would both say goodbye and go

But now that I’m older I’m sleepless outside your door , So let me in

I can’t believe you’re mine

Now we are tall , We are wise  and We are tired or growing

All of this time , You and I

How did we not know it

And I can’t believe you’re mine

Like Mother, like daughter



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