Phillip Phillips American Idol , I know its too late to say but You amazed me !

For about 3 months a go, I have watched American Idol regularly again, and its season 11 already! I know its super duper too late, yeah I know its my bad huhuhu.. I missed the momentum but I think I never too late to review and embrace someone’s music ability esp. I am one of a MUSIC FREAK , its mandatory for me to do that ..

I have love and hate relationship with this show, sometimes I hate it a lot but inside I am addicted to it!

I must say that this season is SPECTACULAR, so many amazing talents – well its totally different with last very PREDICTABLE season 10, from the beginning I was bored to death with season 10

Well, enough about this show, most of people already know what kind of show it is , I just want to talk about Phillip Phillips The WINNER ! One thing I should say that HE IS AMAZING! I really love Dave Matthews and this guy is a mix between Dave Matthews voice and Jonny Lang Guitar skill , DAMN its so PERFECT. First Audition in Georgia, Phillips sang Superstitious and Thriller – it gave me goosy! hahaha

Phillip Phillips – American Idol 11

During the audition, Phillip was very consistent and stands out among all the talents. He might doesn’t have a wide vocal range or perfect exquisite vocal technique, but He offers Quirkiness, Uniqueness, Unforgettable stage act and very cool vocal timbre. My Fav moment is when he sang in the group with HeeJun, Neco, etc – He sang I only have eyes for you, it was a ballad song and usually people make a Jazz cover from that song, but he sang it beautifully with his style and tone. Again speechless!!

There was an episode with Stevie Nicks as the music mentor. Stevie Nicks is one of my Idol – She was the leading Lady from Fleetwood Mac. One thing that I remember is what Stevie said about Phillip. She said that if Mick Fleetwood saw you before during my era, he would like you to join Fleetwood Mac to sing with Lindsay !! hahaha…. She even compared Phillip with Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac leading Man)

For me, there were 3 favorite performances from Phillip (actually its hard to choose, coz all is good !!)  First is when he sang Beggin from Frankie Valli , Time of the Season from The Zombies (also my favourite band ) and Still Raining from Jonny Lang !

This guy offers a new music vibe , original and so different with the other singer who offers karaoke standard performances. He has talent to play blues music with a alternative voice tone – smooth but a lil bit strong ! that’s what makes him different with Colton Dixon (Another American Idol 11 contestant) – Colton does not have signature voice and style, he is good looking and trendy but i dont know where is he going in music world ? – he tends to do copycat of big rock artist

Dave Matthews

I always curious what’s Dave Matthews opinion about him, and I found this article ! “ He should kick my ass (then) maybe I can retire and he can take over the band “ (Dave Matthews) hahahahahah ….

Well, now I am waiting for his new album, The world from the side o of the moon, he promoted it through his twitter regularly ! cant hardly wait .. Please keep your awesomeness and originality in your music, Mr. Phillips



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