Soundtrack of The Day : “I only have eyes for you” , its smooth & sexy !

Currently I am crazy about one Music Apps , its called SOUNDTRACKING , I have used it for a while, and cant get enough of it. Based on that apps, I want to create theme for my Blog, its called Soundtrack of The Day , and I will describe the song, history and also what emotion that I felt on that day. Hopefully, I am able to commit to write it everyday, but if its not, please understand my bad ! hahahahaha

My soundtrack of the day is I only have eyes from you by The Flamingos ! This song is playing on my mind for today, even though I was listening to other song, this one still haunting me hahahaha ….

You might have heard this song a lot, coz mostly Standard Jazz Band in club or café usually sing this in their performances. One of the most famous version of this song is Jammie Cullum version , but my favourite is Harry Conick Jr’ version.

This song actually not a jazz song, its definitely a ballad song for movie soundtrack , Dames  which originally sing by The Flamingos.

Who’s the hell is The Flamingos ?  They are one of the great doo – woop quartet. Doo woop is a vocal based – rhytm & blues music that develop first in African – American Community.  Sample of a Doo Woop artist is The Chords (who sing Shhh Boom – The Cars Soundtrack) and of course The Supreme  – who inspired DreamGirls Movie !

I only have eyes for you
The Flamingos

This song has a thousand cover version with a various artist start from Frank Sinatra, Jammie Cullum, Harry Conick Jr, Corrine Bailey Rae, even non-mainstream & electronic artist like BECK !

One thing that I love about this song is, the ambiance! Its soft, smooth and sexy. It drives you away from your hectic day, this song is already on my list for my wedding hahahaha . The lyrics might be a little bit too poetic but its simple and easy to understand.

Well, today was an absurd day for me, but this song make me dream away and fly to neverland!

Trust me , if you get mad or feel negative emotion, just listen to your soundtrack of the day and it will be your anchor to forget all your problem !

Life is surprisingly simple , by the way



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