Andy Warhol : The World Fascinates Me

@ArtScience Museum – Marina Bay

Last August, I went to Singapore with my friends – I had a chance to see Andy Warhol Exhibition: 15 Minutes Eternal at ArtScience Museum – Marina Bay, Singapore.

I think this title of Exhibition inspired from Andy Warhol quotes: In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes! Sometimes people misinterpreted this quotes, they take it literally. My self believed that what Warhol said actually related to a Popular Culture Phenomenon – in entertainment industry such as Reality TV or Digital Media such as Twitter or YouTube. As you can see, nowadays is easy to get Fame for ordinary people. You might see a lot of YouTube Artist now who goes worldwide or Twitter Influencer who is getting famous for tweeting a unique or even controversial stuff!

That’s what I adore the most from Andy Warhol, he lived in the Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor era but he can predicted what will happen in the future in terms of social and pop culture. He thinks in advance; it can be shown by all his artwork, which are the pioneer of pop art! Well, I don’t know exactly about art but what attract me the most is how he stands out from the crowd and esp his way of thinking!

andy warhol catalog
My Andy Warhol Catalog !

Back to ArtScience Museum, I really love the exhibition, actually I went there twice hahahaha… and the second one I purchased the Andy Warhol Catalog and lost it in the airport, but thanks for the generosity of Museum Staff, I can re-purchase it!!

My favorite part from the exhibition is the TIME CAPSULE! The  Time Capsule is a collection consists of over 8,000 cubic feet of material – perhaps half a million objects – and functions as an integral part of the Warhol Museum, along with his paintings, films, video work, sculpture and graphic art. What I like the most about this time capsule is the simplicity of the concept. What Andy offered actually simple, u can embrace all your memorabilia, interest by keeping all together neatly. You put every stuff that you collected in a box and put them in order based on time – so its like a time capsule! Andy also collected Magazines and books, I can see old cover of Seventeen Magazine there, it was hilarious! People sometimes forget to keep everything they have and reminiscing it, its just l said before: Life is beautiful, quirky and rapid. Lets capture it!

time capsule
Andy Warhol – Time Capsule

I also thrilled when I saw the artwork of Jackie Kennedy (oh, I am going to write about this amazing lady soon!) This artwork showed me how elegant, poise Mrs. Kennedy was.  Andy is attracted with all the beautiful things in this world, he believed that the world fascinates me – it what makes him always stands out and creating new ideas for art starts from painting, pop-art even movies!

I was glad that I have time to see Lupe – a short movie directed by Andy – played by Eddie Sedgwick (one of Andy Warhol Superstar) inspired from a tragic artist with the same name. How ironic that Eddie Sedgwick was also died tragically just like the role she played.


I was enjoying my moment at the museum, seeing his artwork is like seeing through to his life. Warhol is unpredictable but very conceptual and perfectionist. What I remember by visited that exhibition is I can see why he said that The World fascinates me! World is full with inspiring human beings or things who can trigger you to do such a interesting things in the world – based on your passion, whether you are an artist, a private worker even a soccer mom! Just never stop create something to fascinates your life!

Thanks Mr. Warhol 🙂



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