The Power of Never Say Never: Sincerely , Justin Bieber

Young Justin Bieber
Young Justin Bieber

For all my friends know that I am definitely not a Justin Bieber Fans, I barely know his songs. But this little young man has stolen my attention since the the first time he’s famous worldwide. What I really observed about this pop-idol is his career journey and of course the power of his fan based, Belieber!

I started to read a lot about Bieber when I accidentally watched his documentary movie, Never Say Never in HBO. One insight that I got from that movie is what a hard worker he is! Sometimes people my age usually mocking him because we think that he is not that talented and just selling his boyish face to the audiences, but when I saw this movie, I found him a mature young man, respectful, tenacious and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

You should admit that he is the most popular teen male singer for now. He sold out Madison Square Garden Tickets for only 22 minutes – as you know mostly a legend musician like U2, Michael Jackson who was successful to perform in Madison Square Garden.  Justin also Digital Most Famous Celebrity , just see the followers of his twitter/ Facebook Fans and of course YouTUbe !

He has a cinderfella story – from an ordinary teenager from Canada to a most wanted singer who was able to perform in Madison Square Garden. He was found on YouTube and now he is the most high gross teen pop singer worldwide.

Never say neverOne thing that attracts me is how he’s engaging with his fans. His fans know his story, they feel they know him well and feel special bonding with his story – “if it could happen to him, it could happen to meNEVER SAY NEVER!” (okay, Honestly,I actually a little but forget – hows the melody of this song hahaha )  it’s the refrain from his songs that always repeated by him during his concert.

Back to Never Say Never quotes – I found it interesting. Yeah , I know its only a song but look beyond the song and lyrics (forget it that its Bieber song) – we often forgot to Never say never in our daily basis – to our self, to our family or relatives. Its simple, its actually the way you treat and believe with your self. We forgot that we should have self-respect to our self and honor our self more than it supposed to be. That’s what I see from Little Justin and his team success.

His music promoter, Scooter Braun said that a lot of people hesitates that this Bieber Fever would last longer, it just interim. But Braun said that all doubt and hesitations – is what make them stronger. We find it challenging if people under estimate us- so we have a full bank of motivation to perform. It Simply Never Say Never – just fight it forever!

Well, even though I am not a listener and a fan of Justin (but I love his fragrance product, Someday – it smells nice! Hahaah ), but thanks to remind me to stand up for my self and respect my ability to success. I think Justin Bieber is a great influence from all pre-teen and teenager in the world – I hope he is better not turning to another Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan.

So people, Never Say Never – if you haven’t tried it !



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