I got Carried Away from you – Passion Pit !

Passion Pit Concert Tickets
Passion Pit & Beach Boys Concert tickets

Last August 2012 – yeah once again I know its super late 😛 , I went to Singapore to see Passion Pit Concert with my best friend , Kat.

Both of us is a huge fan of Passion Pit , esp. Kat , she is crazy about this band..
I personally like this band because its different, they are smart in terms of choosing a lyrics and also able to bring different nuance for their song.

I am in love with this band, when I was listening to SleepyHead, geezz this song its so unique esp the intro, it will trigger you to listen more and easy to be remembered. Passion Pit itself is an American ElectroPop band from Cambridge, Massachussets. The lead of this band is Michael Angelakos, most of member of this band went to Berklee College of Music in Boston except Michael.

In Singapore, they performed at Esplanace Concert Hall, one of the coolest music hall in Singapore, I was so excited to watch them !! They came to Singapore to promote their new album, Gossamers !

When I arrived at Singapore, I was so tired because the schedule was so tight esp I also watched Beach Boys – 50 Years Anniversary Concert in the next day ( I will write the review soon!!) – but suddenly it was gone and killed by excitement !! hahaha….

At first the concert hall was empty , and we still sat based on arrangement but when Passion Pit came on stage with Take a Walk as the first song, everybody went crazy, standing and dancing all around !! hahahaha…. The Reeling was the second song, and I was surprised that Kat already left me and Titis – she jumped out from the seat and run to the festival area hahahaha…. And we followed her, escape from the guard while she didn’t watch us …

Michael Angelakos performing
Passion Pit – from my view

Yess, its like Hipster’s Dream come true ahahaha.. They were amazing … I should say that this concert was attractive , we danced all night long and sing a long, esp when they performed Let Your Love Grow Tall and My Fav song, Carried Away !!

Its hard to take one’s eyes off Angelakos, who paced the stage restlessly throughout the 70-minuse show! Yess, I caught up some pitchy voices from him during the performances but he was able to cover it with his stage act.

They had 2-encore song -> Mirrored Sea and Little Secret – gosh this was the best because just like Little Secret song lyrics, people jump out Higher and Higher!! Ahhaaha

Before the end of my article, this is the set list from their concert :
• Take a walk – Gossamers
• The Reeling – Manners
• Moth’s Wing – Manners
• To Kingdom Come – Manners
• Let Your Love Grow Tall – Manners
• Carried Away – Gossamers
• To Kingdom Come – Manners
• Live to tell the tale – Chunk of Change
• Eyes as candles – Manners
• Constant Conversation – Gossamers
• I’ll be Alright – Gossamers
• Better Things – Chunk of Change
• Its not my fault, I am Happy – Gossamers
• Smile upon me – Chunk of Change
• Sleepyhead – Manners
• Encore :
1. Mirrored Sea – Gossamers
2. Little Secret – Manners
Too bad they didn’t play my fav songs : Love is Greed and On My Way huhuh ☹

Passion Pit LIVE
Michael Angelakos and Nate

Singapore crowd was nice, it was not too crowded but they respect the band, I must say that Indonesian people more hysterical when watching concert esp. the girls who always screams loudly hahaha… In Singapore, people more calm but they active to give appreciation for the performer..

In terms of sound quality and time management, Singapore is way better than my country ! The show only late for 15 minutes , sound quality also stable, in balance so it didn’t annoy the audiences…

At the end of the show, Nate – the drummer threw his drumstick and you know what , my friend Kat got it hahahahaha…… woow, it was sooo lucky, we even didn’t realize it before when the stick dropped near us..

The best part was meet & greet with Passion Pit, they were willing to sign the Gossamers CD for us.. Finally, I can talk to them and shake hands!! Ahahahah, and they were amazed when I told them that I came from Indonesia haha… I don’t know maybe they surprised that there are also Indonesian people who find their music attractive (in fact, so many Jakarta people loves your music guysss !, you should come here…. !!)

Thank you, Passion Pit… Thanks for the great concert .. it was one of the best experiences to finally watch you and meet you personally guys..

Passion Pit Signature
My Passion Pit Signature on Gossmers CD, yess i framed it 🙂

I got sooooo carried away by youuu , Passion Pit



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