Back to the 60’s Part 2 – Jersey Boys: How did a 4 blue- collar kids become 1 of the GREATEST successes in pop music history?

Well yeah, that tagline I quoted from the promo fliers of Jersey Boys. I want to do a review about this Broadway musical show that I watched 3 weeks a go.  I called it back to the 60’s part 2 because Jersey Boys is about The Four Season Group that was very famous in the 60’s.

The Four season - Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys Cast on Stage

Frankly speaking, I am not ashamed of my taste of music, yess I do love old music and enjoy it a lot because I think old music is full of simplicity and meaningful! and of course it gives a big influences for music industry nowadays. I saw Jersey Boys promo when I was in Marina Bay Sands – Singapore last August! My heart beat fast when I saw the billboard promo! Oh my Gosh, it’s the Four Season and Frankie Valli story – also my fav musician of all time! I was aware that this show is one of the memorable Broadway show and produced by Bob Gaudio – the original member of The Four Season! I said to myself that I should watch this show and Thanks God, I am able to revisit Singapore on November yeaaaah ….

I chose Saturday 2pm show, yeaah it was not crowded compared to other schedule but so what? I just want to enjoy the show. The show was opened by a Oh What a Night –song but in French version and narrated by character Tommy DeVito. Each member of the cast narrates each session. What amazed me the most is the musical score and arrangement! Gosh when Frankie Valli character sings “in the mood for love” – it was beautiful, I super love the falsetto! That actor is GREAT; he is able to bring Frank Valli presence in the stage.

The dialog of this show is also interesting, I love how they are able to engage with audiences feeling by mixing a informal conversation, comedy and also touchy words to this show and esp. how they bring an Italian nuance to it. My fav moment is when Frankie sang Cant Take my Eyes off you – thanks to the  top 40s band in Indonesia for ruining this song for me 😦 , so I don’t like this song a lot but surprisingly the simplicity of the arrangement, the magic of the cast voice with falsetto and soul successfully touch me and bring hot tears to my eyes (yess , I am melancholic sometimes) hahahaha…. It was the best moment 🙂

Frank Valli & The Four Season
The original Four Season

What attracts me the most is the character of Nick Massi. I always have curiosity of Nick! I believe he was a genius behind the great vocal arrangement of this band (as a singer , I pay attention a lot in vocal arrangement hahaha), but he keep it low profile and prefer to be the man behind the scene. I love every time he say “ I think I should start my own group” – every time they fight haha.. it so funny like hell …

One moral lesson that I learned from this show is when Bob Gaudio said to Frankie that you should be the center of this group and suggested to change the name in to Frankie Valli & The Four Season. It teach me that as a person we should know our strength, limitation & learn to let go our ambition but still change it to maximize our other capabilities. That’s what Bob did ! He knew that he is a great music producer , he wanted to be a lead singer but he realize that he will do much better as a producer and see what happens : HE IS RIGHT !! So, we can learn from that to earn our success in life, just see How did a 4 blue- collar kids become 1 of the GREATEST successes in pop music history?  Hahahah..

Marina Bay Sands theatre
Me with Jersey Boys Backdrop

Thank you so much for bringing this best show to Singapore, it was a super great experience to watch it!! I learned a lot of things from this show esp. to hang on to our dreams and aspiration. Just like The Four Season says : Lets Hang On to What we got !!





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