A Short Story : Maximize My Life

Woow its been a long time that i havent update my content here 🙂

Well, what can i say about what happening with me for the past 6 months ? its EPIC ! Mix Flavors , Mix Feeling hahahaha….. I have been very busy start of this January 2013.

Yess i have enrolled my self as a magister management student in Pelita Harapan University  I am taking my master degree with concentration in Digital Marketing .. So far this studying thingy is one of my priority for 2013 . My friends might know that i love learning, love to find out new things and maximize my life  with something new that can stimulate my brain to do more. At first , i thought studying as a magister student program is easy but in fact, it was a mess hahahahaha… why ? oh my God, i truly forgot, how to sacrifice your time for study , how to think back to basic and esp how to write an essay with you handwriting hahahahahah….. its a mess but FUN ! I have learned so many things, and how to organize my thoughts orderly.. Frankly speaking so far is the best investment that i ever spend in my life 🙂  I am bleeding with tasks, presentation but i like how my brain can absorb new things 🙂 

ImageHey, and i also continue to take my Korean Language Course. I did learn korean in 2007 for 6 months  at University of Indonesia than discontinue it because of time limitation , now i decided to continue my study but i choose a private teacher so i can learn it more intensive ! Thanks God, i got a great teacher, my target i should be fluent in Korean as good as my english as my second language! For now english is not enough, surely i have to able to communicate with minimum 2 languages ! 

My friends sometimes questioning my decision , they were worried that i dont have a quality time for myself other than work and studying , but no worries, i still know to have fun to the max and indulging my self 🙂 

My goal is to maximize my life, for me life is about finding your own happiness and happiness is a method of life not a goal of life , so ensure what you’re doing in your daily basis is a happiness tools ! For me, getting married and have a family is a must and my main goal but u cant only focussing your life to set that as your only goal !

Margareth Thatcher said : only life is should matter ! i should have something interesting that i could share to my children one day. I should make my kids proud of me as her mother 🙂 

Its never too late to maxime my life, thats why i will more committed to blogging too. I cant let this blog not being updated with new content for a long time … Its nice to be able to share what you’re thinking and feeling through writing 🙂 



4 thoughts on “A Short Story : Maximize My Life

    1. Odiii hihihi..kangen jugaaaa … Iyah prefer blajar bahasa asing asia di.. Krn direct investmentnya lg ningkat pasti kedepannya mkin majuu dibanding eropa yg lg crash :p and korea kan obssesed ngalahin jepang so its gonna be big hahhaha *padahal ga mampu blajar mandarin jg sih * hahhahah

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