SORE BAND : my obsession & self-healing

Everybody in this world have their own favorite musician , for me i have so many favorite musician from jazz like Billie Holiday, Brit-Pop like Radiohead, Oldies like Beach Boys, The Four Season. In my country, there are so many talented musician who are able to produce good quality music but apparently they dont have an equal opportunity to be seen by public esp for musician who dont follow mainstream music, they will be drowning – almost cant be seen in our  “common media “.

I should be thanking to Indonesia Film Industry pioneer like Nia Dinata, Joko Anwar who did introduce me with some special Indie Band which are different and offered me something out of the box in terms of music , vibe esp Lyrics.. Its SORE !! I know SORE from Janji Joni Movie , they have a very special song called FUNK THE HOLE – a very emotional song with catchy rhythm and unique lyrics , and in the same year, 2005 their debut album, Centralismo is OUT , thanks to Aksara Music !!

SOREALIST  - My Official merchandise from SORE
SOREALIST – My Official merchandise from SORE

Well this posting is not about the history or SORE music career… I think you can find it on google for that hahaha… its about how i think about their music and how they affect me as a person. Frankly speaking, i never be a fanatic fans for Indonesia Band, but for SORE is exceptional, i become obsessed with their music -well, dont get this wrong, i will never be a lunatic die hard fans like some Indonesian Fan Base artist do hahahahaha, i just enjoy their music.

SORE helps me through bad times and good times… Ambang  (From Centralismo) is one of my fav song, this song helped me a lot during my break up with my long-time boyfriend – enough about that hahaha…in my interpretation, this song is about sucking up with what you deserved.. sometimes you just can see beautiful things get away from your side and what you can do is just enjoying the moment , seeing what happend and keep saying “What IF”  !

I found it interesting because their songs are really free .. You can interpret all of their song based on what your mind says or think.. there’s no exact meaning, they wont give you a direct answer through their lyrics !! its really different with other Indonesian Band who always using common words  – mostly love-line theme with the same pattern … The lyrics from SORE  are indeed absurd and surreal, hard to absorb ! hahaha thats why i love it 🙂

One thing that i love about them is the composition of their music, its so beautiful… its bringing you back to the old times.. it helps me contemplate and soothing my mind. I found their vocal arrangement also brilliant ! I am a huge Beach Boys Fans (see my review about their concert here) – i feel the vibe of Beach Boys in their vocal arrangement, its in a simple and touching Harmony esp if you Listen to Karolina song (From Ports Of Lima), its just like listening to the beauty of Disney Girl Song from Beach Boys..

Last performances of MONDO in SORE - RadioShow 2012
My Photo from Last performances of MONDO in SORE – RadioShow 2012 @PAFES Kuningan

I always use their songs as my Jam , their albums is like a surreal novel who will bring you a different perspective each time you read it.. Speaking about Beach Boys influence in SORE, i have a very unforgettable story !! Actually, i was in the same plane with Mondo (their former Keyboardist) when i went to Singapore to see Beach Boys hahahaha &  i also talk to him, but i am too scared to take a picture with him because he was so cool and calm , and its like giving the signal that he enjoyed his quite time on the plane, but i say hello and show him that i acknowledge him…And you know what , I met him again with her girlfriend when i watched BEACH BOYS , it turns out that He is going to Singapore to see Beach Boys hahahaha (same with me) , he is a big fan of them…. aaaarrrhhhh what a serendipity !! i met my fav musician when i watched my another fav Band overseas hahaha…

My conversation in twitter with Ade Paloh (Pardon this craziness hahaha)

When it comes to SORE, i become a attention seeker like any other teenager who loves Justin Bieber hahaha… I followed them in twitter  :)) i still captured and save my conversation with Ade Firza Paloh (their Lead Vocal) on twitter, its so exciting when he replied my tweets several times just to talk about how good is Michelle Williams in My Week With Marlyn :))

Well, thats craziness comes because of personal reason, just like my admiration for Jonny Lang, SORE’s songs helps me a lot through bad and good times. A friend of mine say that i am crazy to listen to their song during a hard time because their lyrics sometimes too dark & unreal, but thats the beauty of it, it helps me to be a real human, how to feel the pain, uncertainty, ambiguity … IMO, sometimes overcome a pain not only by thinking positive but also feel your self on your zero point ! it makes you dont wanna go there anymore,, and their music helps me find beauty and pain in life… Just like a said before, its totally  personal .. 🙂

I am so happy that i am able to see their performances again today at Rolling Stones Cafe  even though it wont be the same without the GENIUS MONDO !! (who left the band recently) … Keep your music alive SORE, it means a lot for people who need it !! Honestly, i might be unable to review their music in terms of technical or musical aspects , i am not an expert but its based on my  true feelings and experience about them and i think thats what the key success of musician – how they able to connect with emotional aspects from their fans, so they can “speak with the same language” .. For me  its not only about the music but its become a part of self healing for me.. i know its weird but sometimes weird things can be a strong point if you’re able to tweak it into something extraordinary !

sore band, music
My Photo of SORE BAND – SOREALIST @RollingStones Cafe , May 5 2013



Jakarta, 06 May 2013



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