Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous :)

The art of being a human is ability to feel certain of emotion and overcome it , and keep moving on. We know that Life is about looking for happiness and actually happiness is not a goal of life but a method of living but sometimes those other emotion become a bottle- neck for us to keep using “it” as our method of life… When we forgot, we easily feel the negative emotions and of course cant thinking straight !

In these past 3 months, i got stories from people who are close to me, they shared how did they got back to be positive and walking on the right track without keep drowning on their problems! Actually these 2 people got same encouragement to be thankful and moving on from  a stranger or unexpected person..

My GrandPa Article on HIDUP Magazine
My GrandPa Article on HIDUP Magazine, March 2013 

First story is my Grandpa. Frankly speaking, i idolized him so much ! He is one of my hero.. My Grandpa is the coolest person i know.. He is calm, decisive , thoughtful and have a quite power. I read an article in Catholic Magazine, HIDUP (yes, i am a rome catholic ) – My Grandpa became a main profile on this article, he shared his ups and down in life & how he neglected coming to church every sunday only because he was hurt by one of the church committee  there. When he chose to avoid church, suddenly a voice came from her 4 years old grand-daughter.  Her grand-daughter refused to go to church with her mother and she said  ” mommy, why i should go to church ? Grandpa never goes to church and nobody ask him to ”  Those words like a slap on the face to my GrandPa, and suddenly he felt so sorry for himself ! a mix emotion from shame to surprised then he realized that when he decided to do something, he should consider the affect to other people who are close to him. My Grandpa feels that her little grand-daughter was sent from God to remind him that you just cant be selfish and angry because of little things. That moment became a turning point for him, and he started to overcome his disappointment and personal problems with the member of  Church Committee and come back to church. He says that God words come from an unexpected person- a little kid who is innocent and speaks truly from her heart .. and I just find out that her Grand-daughter was ME hahahahaah….. Me , myself never believe that i was able be the one who make my GrandPa comeback to church again 🙂

Second story is coming from my friend, Rieke Astari . Lately, she was feeling tired and uninspired until one day she was going to her home by using a commuter line. An old woman was sitting next to her and talk to her.  She told her a story that she lost her daughter for 6 years and never find it until now – but she looked so calm and didn’t hold anger or sadness like she never losing hopes ! She keep saying that She believes that God has His Own way for her and family. That old woman also told Rieke to never stop be thankful to God everyday.. Just like my GrandPa, my friends feels those story like a big slap on her face, WAKE UP and be Thankful for what you have today !!

These 2 stories really touched me and make me more believe that GOD will speaks to you in unexpected way ! Its just like a coincidence in life – surprising  ! If you look up to the dictionary , the definition of  coincidence  is  “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time, apparently by mere chance.”  It goes on to list its synonyms as “accident, luck and fate.”  Those 2 stories are not bad accidents but definitely a striking occurrence that rarely happens!

God creates coincidence when you cant listen to advise from people who are close to you ! He will send you another person to remind you to back on track ! I dont mean to be a religious person, because honestly – sometimes i dont. its not about the religion but its about sometimes we forget to acknowledge signs that come to us, all the answers in life is already come to us but we choose to be blind-folded until there’s something unexpected happens ! 

What happens to my Grandpa and best friend were only samples how mysterious is God’s way to help us and its all coming back to us, whether we want to listen or not but one thing for sure He ALWAYS gives you the clue , what you have to do is open your mind and heart 🙂

Albert Einsten Quotes, source : Google
Albert Einsten Quotes, source : Google

Just like Einstein says : A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

So open your eyes , look out and observe 🙂


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