Curly : an easy way to simplify my life

Maybe this is my  first posting about beauty.. i am not a beauty blogger even-though i love make up, fashion but in terms of writing not like my bestie , kattleyaa (who is a really good beauty blogger) .. sometimes i just get clueless to write about this stuff hahahaah….

I just want to share my new experience and frankly speaking , this is one of the best decision for my hair solution so far.. since in College , i used to have a long straight hair (yess by doing smoothing of course) hahahaha… then finally i feel enough with my boring routine, i just get tired with hair-straightener and salon ! i hate my hair because its too thick and i have to do special treatment to get it done and tidy !

My New Curly Hair !
My New Curly Hair !

I decided to perm my hair, actually its not a perm, its a korean wave – new technology by Loreal called Dulcia Advanced  , i did my korean wave at HeadQuarters The Hair & beauty Bar @Kuningan City (highly recommended to go here, guys!) ! At first i was afraid that this hair will turn worse and messier than before but the stylist was able to persuade me so yess, i decided to do it !

my 3 fav products for curly hair
my 3 fav products for curly hair

Finally , the result come and i love it !!! it makes my hair looks great , its add more texture to my hair and what i love the most is Its totally simplify my life !! hahahahaa…. bye bye hair straightener .. bye bye long hours to straighten my hair.. all i need now is only mousse/wax/ or gel and 5 minutes to style my hair hahahahaah 😛 For daily routine, i recommend you to choose these 3 Loreal Products , Loreal Curly Shine Mousse, Loreal Playball (Wax), Loreal Wet and Sleek ! Believe me its gonna define your curls and stay longer 🙂

Most woman are obsessed with straight hair, but for me wavy curly is more fun hahahaha… i dont know why do most hair care advertisement uses woman with straight hair all the time… You know what ! there are more women with curly hair out there , and its a diverse beauty ! (not because i am curly now hahaha), but i believe there are a lot of attractive women with curly hair …

I think thats  what happen, there are a standard definition of beauty like white skin, straight and shiny hair, skinny and tall, that makes women more obsessed with their looks … I also love beauty and fashion world but the most important thing for me is choosing whats  the most  comfortable for my self.. as long as i am happy then i dont have problem ! hahaha

Waaak… it feels a little bit awkward for me to write about beauty things… i think i need to learn more how to write an exciting content about beauty … hahaha…




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