About Me …

My name is Rinda Mutis , i prefer to be called Nda than Rin, a daughter and sister of an amazing family. I am a Digital Junkie, Music freak, Movie Observers, bookworm,Liverpudlian , spontaneous writer, an observer, a hard-headed creatures and had a social diseases  hahahaaha 🙂

Most of all, I love to write, sharing my thoughts about everything that attracts me, therefore i make this blog … actually this is the second blog that i have, i usually used blogspot then now migrate to wordpress for better experiences and features (i wish ..)

This blog is called rindasays,  its inspired by John Mayer song – Say

in that song , John Mayer says : Its better to say too much, Then never say what you need to say again so say what you need to say !!

Through this blog, i am gonna say what i want to say ….

especialy things that related with my interest in psychology, social interactions, digital marketing, music, movie and literature !

There’s no special concepts about this blog, i don’t need to outsmart it, cause it simply saying what i think and feel….

So enjoy, its a free world after all, u can say what u need to say ….


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