Well, Its Just A Simple Song …..

Well this is just a simple song
To say what you done

Lately this song is haunting me , everyday is like a mandatory for me to play this song in my car. Its from The Shins with tittle Simple Song ! The theme of this song is actually super simple like ordinary life but as a woman who loves to play with words and rhymes , i do in love with the way they make the lyrics super ALIVE !

At firs i heard this song from How I Met Your Mother , i have a love and hate relationship with this series , REALLY ! hahahah sometimes i love the way the teach me simple things in life that i might have missed but sometimes I hate it when it did not meet my expectations hahahaha… Well lets discuss more about #HIMYM later. Back to Simple song by The Shins. I did feel goosebumps (sorry if its too much but really goosebumps). This song was played at the end of Season 8 , when the remarkable Cristin Miloti appeared as The Mother ! I do love how the song really able to emphasize emotional moment from final episode of season 8. its like a new beginning is started for everybody who has baggage in their past.

The Shins itself is actually an old indie rock band from New Mexico that has formed since 1996 but they hit their success by entering a mainstream world with their song New Slang ! New Slang is one of soundtrack from Garden State – directed by Zac Braf  (Again it is one of the best movie for me , sorry 500 Days of Summer , i think Garden State is way more edgy than you hahahah). Well, with this indie movie, The Shins also transformed to be one of the hottest Indie- Rock band in the USA back then 2004 and they continue their success by continuing producing songs for motion picture. Enough about The Shins , we will get back to the SIMPLE SONG itself !

The Shins , new format 2014
The Shins , new format 2014 (Source : The Shins Official Website)

I really want to talk about the meaning and some paradox in this song. Below is the song lyrics :

Well this is just a simple song
To say what you done
I told you about all those fears
And away they did run
You sure must be strong
And you feel like an ocean
Being warmed by the sun

When I was just nine years old
I swear that I dreamt
Your face on a football field
And a kiss that I kept
Under my vest
Apart from everything, but the heart in my chest

I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone
Don’t go thinking you gotta be tough, to play like a stone
Could be there’s nothing else in our lives so critical
As this little home!

My life in an upturned boat, marooned on a cliff
You brought me a great big flood
And you gave me a lift
To care, what a gift
You tell me with your tongue
And your breath was in my lungs
And you float over the rift

I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone
Don’t go thinking you gotta be tough, to play like a stone
Could be there’s nothing else in our lives so critical
As this little home!

Well this will be a simple song to say what you’ve done
I told you about all those fears and away they did run
You sure must be strong
And you feel like an ocean
Being warmed by the sun

Remember walking a mile to your house, a glow in the dark
I made a fumblin’ play for your heart and the act struck a spark
You wore a charm in a chain that I stole especially for you
Love’s such a delicate thing that we do, with nothing to prove
Which I never knew

I do some googling about The Shins and found out that James Mercer (The Shins Leader) says that he wrote it on the living room floor of his apartment when his wife and I were newlyweds.. This song was a personal song for him which describe her love life with his wife.  At the beginning , James said clearly ->”Well this is just a simple song to say what you done ! “Its definitely telling people hows life changing by meeting his wife. No wonder How I Met Your Mother used this song as The Mother song. Its not only because the rhythm and  music but the lyrics and story are perfect to reflect the scene. How’s Ted Mosby life will be change with someone and at the end he could said the same thing to her like James said, “Well this is just a simple song to say what you done”

At the beginning of this article i have said well the meaning its truly simple ! Its Love people , everybody are talking about love loud and clear, everything for love and blablabla .. hahahaha… But the way The Shins deliver it is so freakin genius..

I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone. Don’t go thinking you gotta be tough, to play like a stone
Could be there’s nothing else in our lives so critical as this little home!

It slapped my face , i always remember that sometimes human are very good in pretending , pretending to be strong , pretending to be dependable while very rare people who wants to admit that i am vulnerable , even with their love one. This song remind us to remember its okay to be weak , its okay to be soft like a cotton when you have hope with people that you love. So many couples that i saw even myself before , wants to be the perfect figure for their partner but the thing is sharing your darkest moment will be one of the part to make your relationship stronger. The art of being vulnerable.


Love’s such a delicate thing that we do, with nothing to prove
Which I never knew

Well this is my most favourite part 🙂 I just love they use word Delicate ! Delicate not usually used as an adjective to describe love , people use to use word fragile, vulnerable or etc but well eventually love is delicate right ?! I definitely agree with the statement  , nothing to prove ! Sharing love is a natural thing. We already know that Love is easy to be broken , yes again is a delicate thing but what to prove ?! Its not about desire to prove something , its just love and how we live with it. Love is simple as being together and saving each other from cliff of our life.

Love is more to live with it than saying much of it. Why people so frustrated sometimes to push their partner to say , please love me or please show that you care for me. Well, accompany your boyfriend watching a geek movie like starwars (even- though you hate it so much) and try to enjoy it and make him happy that you’re trying to know his world  , for me its showing love. Its better that a text message , you know i love you everyday  or calling your boyfriend constantly just to know where he is … hahahahaha

Now , i am still listening some songs from The Shins start fro their newest EP , Port of Morrow , Oh, Invented Word..

So many songs that able to make me feel creepy, happy, even frustrated hahaha.. Well , musician is a poet with their lyrics. For you who wants to listen The Shins songs, you can go to soundcloud (click here) to listen first then download it in iTunes

Enjoy and remember Love is just a delicate thing  that we do with nothing to prove 😀

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous :)

The art of being a human is ability to feel certain of emotion and overcome it , and keep moving on. We know that Life is about looking for happiness and actually happiness is not a goal of life but a method of living but sometimes those other emotion become a bottle- neck for us to keep using “it” as our method of life… When we forgot, we easily feel the negative emotions and of course cant thinking straight !

In these past 3 months, i got stories from people who are close to me, they shared how did they got back to be positive and walking on the right track without keep drowning on their problems! Actually these 2 people got same encouragement to be thankful and moving on from  a stranger or unexpected person..

My GrandPa Article on HIDUP Magazine
My GrandPa Article on HIDUP Magazine, March 2013 

First story is my Grandpa. Frankly speaking, i idolized him so much ! He is one of my hero.. My Grandpa is the coolest person i know.. He is calm, decisive , thoughtful and have a quite power. I read an article in Catholic Magazine, HIDUP (yes, i am a rome catholic ) – My Grandpa became a main profile on this article, he shared his ups and down in life & how he neglected coming to church every sunday only because he was hurt by one of the church committee  there. When he chose to avoid church, suddenly a voice came from her 4 years old grand-daughter.  Her grand-daughter refused to go to church with her mother and she said  ” mommy, why i should go to church ? Grandpa never goes to church and nobody ask him to ”  Those words like a slap on the face to my GrandPa, and suddenly he felt so sorry for himself ! a mix emotion from shame to surprised then he realized that when he decided to do something, he should consider the affect to other people who are close to him. My Grandpa feels that her little grand-daughter was sent from God to remind him that you just cant be selfish and angry because of little things. That moment became a turning point for him, and he started to overcome his disappointment and personal problems with the member of  Church Committee and come back to church. He says that God words come from an unexpected person- a little kid who is innocent and speaks truly from her heart .. and I just find out that her Grand-daughter was ME hahahahaah….. Me , myself never believe that i was able be the one who make my GrandPa comeback to church again 🙂

Second story is coming from my friend, Rieke Astari . Lately, she was feeling tired and uninspired until one day she was going to her home by using a commuter line. An old woman was sitting next to her and talk to her.  She told her a story that she lost her daughter for 6 years and never find it until now – but she looked so calm and didn’t hold anger or sadness like she never losing hopes ! She keep saying that She believes that God has His Own way for her and family. That old woman also told Rieke to never stop be thankful to God everyday.. Just like my GrandPa, my friends feels those story like a big slap on her face, WAKE UP and be Thankful for what you have today !!

These 2 stories really touched me and make me more believe that GOD will speaks to you in unexpected way ! Its just like a coincidence in life – surprising  ! If you look up to the dictionary , the definition of  coincidence  is  “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time, apparently by mere chance.”  It goes on to list its synonyms as “accident, luck and fate.”  Those 2 stories are not bad accidents but definitely a striking occurrence that rarely happens!

God creates coincidence when you cant listen to advise from people who are close to you ! He will send you another person to remind you to back on track ! I dont mean to be a religious person, because honestly – sometimes i dont. its not about the religion but its about sometimes we forget to acknowledge signs that come to us, all the answers in life is already come to us but we choose to be blind-folded until there’s something unexpected happens ! 

What happens to my Grandpa and best friend were only samples how mysterious is God’s way to help us and its all coming back to us, whether we want to listen or not but one thing for sure He ALWAYS gives you the clue , what you have to do is open your mind and heart 🙂

Albert Einsten Quotes, source : Google
Albert Einsten Quotes, source : Google

Just like Einstein says : A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

So open your eyes , look out and observe 🙂

Curly : an easy way to simplify my life

Maybe this is my  first posting about beauty.. i am not a beauty blogger even-though i love make up, fashion but in terms of writing not like my bestie , kattleyaa (who is a really good beauty blogger) .. sometimes i just get clueless to write about this stuff hahahaah….

I just want to share my new experience and frankly speaking , this is one of the best decision for my hair solution so far.. since in College , i used to have a long straight hair (yess by doing smoothing of course) hahahaha… then finally i feel enough with my boring routine, i just get tired with hair-straightener and salon ! i hate my hair because its too thick and i have to do special treatment to get it done and tidy !

My New Curly Hair !
My New Curly Hair !

I decided to perm my hair, actually its not a perm, its a korean wave – new technology by Loreal called Dulcia Advanced  , i did my korean wave at HeadQuarters The Hair & beauty Bar @Kuningan City (highly recommended to go here, guys!) ! At first i was afraid that this hair will turn worse and messier than before but the stylist was able to persuade me so yess, i decided to do it !

my 3 fav products for curly hair
my 3 fav products for curly hair

Finally , the result come and i love it !!! it makes my hair looks great , its add more texture to my hair and what i love the most is Its totally simplify my life !! hahahahaa…. bye bye hair straightener .. bye bye long hours to straighten my hair.. all i need now is only mousse/wax/ or gel and 5 minutes to style my hair hahahahaah 😛 For daily routine, i recommend you to choose these 3 Loreal Products , Loreal Curly Shine Mousse, Loreal Playball (Wax), Loreal Wet and Sleek ! Believe me its gonna define your curls and stay longer 🙂

Most woman are obsessed with straight hair, but for me wavy curly is more fun hahahaha… i dont know why do most hair care advertisement uses woman with straight hair all the time… You know what ! there are more women with curly hair out there , and its a diverse beauty ! (not because i am curly now hahaha), but i believe there are a lot of attractive women with curly hair …

I think thats  what happen, there are a standard definition of beauty like white skin, straight and shiny hair, skinny and tall, that makes women more obsessed with their looks … I also love beauty and fashion world but the most important thing for me is choosing whats  the most  comfortable for my self.. as long as i am happy then i dont have problem ! hahaha

Waaak… it feels a little bit awkward for me to write about beauty things… i think i need to learn more how to write an exciting content about beauty … hahaha…



SORE BAND : my obsession & self-healing

Everybody in this world have their own favorite musician , for me i have so many favorite musician from jazz like Billie Holiday, Brit-Pop like Radiohead, Oldies like Beach Boys, The Four Season. In my country, there are so many talented musician who are able to produce good quality music but apparently they dont have an equal opportunity to be seen by public esp for musician who dont follow mainstream music, they will be drowning – almost cant be seen in our  “common media “.

I should be thanking to Indonesia Film Industry pioneer like Nia Dinata, Joko Anwar who did introduce me with some special Indie Band which are different and offered me something out of the box in terms of music , vibe esp Lyrics.. Its SORE !! I know SORE from Janji Joni Movie , they have a very special song called FUNK THE HOLE – a very emotional song with catchy rhythm and unique lyrics , and in the same year, 2005 their debut album, Centralismo is OUT , thanks to Aksara Music !!

SOREALIST  - My Official merchandise from SORE
SOREALIST – My Official merchandise from SORE

Well this posting is not about the history or SORE music career… I think you can find it on google for that hahaha… its about how i think about their music and how they affect me as a person. Frankly speaking, i never be a fanatic fans for Indonesia Band, but for SORE is exceptional, i become obsessed with their music -well, dont get this wrong, i will never be a lunatic die hard fans like some Indonesian Fan Base artist do hahahahaha, i just enjoy their music.

SORE helps me through bad times and good times… Ambang  (From Centralismo) is one of my fav song, this song helped me a lot during my break up with my long-time boyfriend – enough about that hahaha…in my interpretation, this song is about sucking up with what you deserved.. sometimes you just can see beautiful things get away from your side and what you can do is just enjoying the moment , seeing what happend and keep saying “What IF”  !

I found it interesting because their songs are really free .. You can interpret all of their song based on what your mind says or think.. there’s no exact meaning, they wont give you a direct answer through their lyrics !! its really different with other Indonesian Band who always using common words  – mostly love-line theme with the same pattern … The lyrics from SORE  are indeed absurd and surreal, hard to absorb ! hahaha thats why i love it 🙂

One thing that i love about them is the composition of their music, its so beautiful… its bringing you back to the old times.. it helps me contemplate and soothing my mind. I found their vocal arrangement also brilliant ! I am a huge Beach Boys Fans (see my review about their concert here) – i feel the vibe of Beach Boys in their vocal arrangement, its in a simple and touching Harmony esp if you Listen to Karolina song (From Ports Of Lima), its just like listening to the beauty of Disney Girl Song from Beach Boys..

Last performances of MONDO in SORE - RadioShow 2012
My Photo from Last performances of MONDO in SORE – RadioShow 2012 @PAFES Kuningan

I always use their songs as my Jam , their albums is like a surreal novel who will bring you a different perspective each time you read it.. Speaking about Beach Boys influence in SORE, i have a very unforgettable story !! Actually, i was in the same plane with Mondo (their former Keyboardist) when i went to Singapore to see Beach Boys hahahaha &  i also talk to him, but i am too scared to take a picture with him because he was so cool and calm , and its like giving the signal that he enjoyed his quite time on the plane, but i say hello and show him that i acknowledge him…And you know what , I met him again with her girlfriend when i watched BEACH BOYS , it turns out that He is going to Singapore to see Beach Boys hahahaha (same with me) , he is a big fan of them…. aaaarrrhhhh what a serendipity !! i met my fav musician when i watched my another fav Band overseas hahaha…

My conversation in twitter with Ade Paloh (Pardon this craziness hahaha)

When it comes to SORE, i become a attention seeker like any other teenager who loves Justin Bieber hahaha… I followed them in twitter  :)) i still captured and save my conversation with Ade Firza Paloh (their Lead Vocal) on twitter, its so exciting when he replied my tweets several times just to talk about how good is Michelle Williams in My Week With Marlyn :))

Well, thats craziness comes because of personal reason, just like my admiration for Jonny Lang, SORE’s songs helps me a lot through bad and good times. A friend of mine say that i am crazy to listen to their song during a hard time because their lyrics sometimes too dark & unreal, but thats the beauty of it, it helps me to be a real human, how to feel the pain, uncertainty, ambiguity … IMO, sometimes overcome a pain not only by thinking positive but also feel your self on your zero point ! it makes you dont wanna go there anymore,, and their music helps me find beauty and pain in life… Just like a said before, its totally  personal .. 🙂

I am so happy that i am able to see their performances again today at Rolling Stones Cafe  even though it wont be the same without the GENIUS MONDO !! (who left the band recently) … Keep your music alive SORE, it means a lot for people who need it !! Honestly, i might be unable to review their music in terms of technical or musical aspects , i am not an expert but its based on my  true feelings and experience about them and i think thats what the key success of musician – how they able to connect with emotional aspects from their fans, so they can “speak with the same language” .. For me  its not only about the music but its become a part of self healing for me.. i know its weird but sometimes weird things can be a strong point if you’re able to tweak it into something extraordinary !

sore band, music
My Photo of SORE BAND – SOREALIST @RollingStones Cafe , May 5 2013



Jakarta, 06 May 2013


Art Of Brick Singapore – Bring Back Childhood Memories

On Early March 2013, i got an opportunity to go to Singapore for work duties ! Luckily, my main duty was simple , only to supervised Holiday Trip for Indosat SuperSeven Winner 🙂 Yeah,  even though Singapore is like my second home, i was excited because I was able to see Art Of Brick by Nathan Sawaya at my fav place in Singapore, Art Science Musem-  Marina Bay Sand

The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya
The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya (source : google)

I’ve waited to see this exhibition for months.. I am not a big fan of Lego but i love to see how small thing can be constructed in to something big  and creating ART ! Playing with Lego is not easy, you have to build a basic concept first in your mind – what would you like to build ?! So i was amazed by what Nathan Sawaya did in this Exhibition.

Sawaya said that “I use LEGO bricks as my medium because I enjoy seeing people‟s reactions to artwork created from something with which they are familiar. Everyone can relate to it since it is a toy that many children have at home. I want to elevate this simple toy to a place it has never been before” His basic concept is simple, but it really gets me.. i enjoyed all the creation in this Exhibition. Its Colorful, detail, unpredictable … it brings back childhood memories , i really want to play all the lego !! i cant stop taking picture hahahaha….

Playing with Red Shadow ! (Model : SupeSeven Winner)
Playing with Red Shadow ! (Model : SupeSeven Winner)

The most interesting spot is the colorful spectrum where we can take a picture of our shadow , we can play with different pose and style .. We played and took so many picture on that spot! My favorite was Red Light because it pops out and bold..

Nathan Sawaya is a super genius and brilliant man ! I still cant believe he is able to create such a complex and sophisticated shapes from Lego. He has unique playful imagination  and actually that quality is precisely the kind of creativity that I eager to explore..

What i love the most about this exhibition is any kind of people can enjoy it, whether you bring your 5-y.o daughter or son , 14-y.o rebellious teen nephew or even your grandpa or grandma ! Trust me, they will enjoy this exhibition because is connected with us. We can understand the creation without thinking hard or oversee it. Its ART but its approachable for common people  , it also will bring us to fantasy world …

(Source : Google)
(Source : Google)

You know what,a  song from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  Soundtrack – Pure Imagination is the best song to describe how i feel about Art of Brick – Nathan Sawaya , i was listening to this song while enjoying the exhibition. ” Come with me ..And you’ll be . In a world of Pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination. We’ll begin with a spin. Traveling in the world of my creation. What we’ll see will defy explanation. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it ! ” (Pure Imagination – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)

This Exhibition is extended to May 2013, if you want to go there my suggestion download first Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka Song, you can use Glee Version , its also good or Maroon 5 Version also not bad heheheh …) – use your earphone and play that song while you’re entering the exhibition , trust me it will give you goose bumps ! dont talk too much with your friends there, simply look at and exploring the creation & listening to that song, you will feel like your flying into a another fantasy world . Its Worth to Try !!

Below is some sample of Nathan Sawaya Creation , ENJOY !!

Art Of Brick - Nathan Sawaya
Art Of Brick – Nathan Sawaya (Photo : by me @rinda_nda)
Art Of Brick - Nathan Sawaya
Art Of Brick – Nathan Sawaya (Photo: by me @rinda_nda)